Why Carson Wentz will win Comeback Player of the Year +1000

Carson Wentz is primed for a breakout 2021 Season. This will be the best supporting cast he has had since the Eagles made the Super Bowl. He is coming into a situation where he has the #2 Ranked Offensive Line in the NFL (Ranked by Pro Football Focus) and a solid receiving core. Certainly helps to have Jonathon Taylor one of the best running backs in the NFL to take even more pressure off of Wentz.

The only time Wentz has struggled in his career is when his offensive line had major injuries. When his Pro Bowl Tackle Lane Johnson with the Eagles was in he had won 62% of his games. When he was missing Johnson to injury he had just won 32% of his games. So moral of the story is Wentz can ball but only if he has a solid offensive line.

He had shown regression after the Eagles had won the Super Bowl and just couldn’t handle the Philly media when times got tough. He will now be reunited in Indianapolis with his old Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich where he was very successful.

Wentz will also take advantage of a very weak division. The 3 teams Jaguars, Texans, and Titans are all ranked in the bottom 10 in pass defense. The great part about this is he gets to play all 3 of those teams twice. He will also be facing the Raiders, Jets, and Seahawks. These are 3 more teams on their schedule who rank in the bottom 10 in pass defense. So that is 9 total teams ranked in the bottom 10 that Wentz will devour and pad his stats.

He had a 2020 that no one could forget with just 16 TD Passes & 15 Interceptions. The other players on this list for comeback player of the year are Dak Prescott, Jake Burrow, & Saqueon Barkley. These are players who showed us signs of how they are still stud players in the public eye last year. Carson Wentz stock is way down that’s why if he just has a average season he will win this award handily.

Prediction: Wentz +1000 Comeback Player of the Year

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